At WC Health, we treat the "Whole Person" and address each individual’s medical, behavioral and social needs.

Experience our wrap-around approach to treating patients.

We believe that everyone deserves the highest level of medical care in any situation.


WC Health offers primary care, psychiatric services including assessment and medication management, women’s health, and mental health services; all in one location. Experience our wraparound, comprehensive approach to treating patients with our licensed providers and clinicians through a wide range of services.

While traditional primary care practitioners have played a unique role in addressing the patient's physical needs, we recognize the importance of integrating mental health services in this setting. Early intervention and recognition of mental health concerns can be accomplished during these appointments, and linkages or referrals can be made to aid the person in more rapidly addressing these issues leading to a swift recovery.

We work to incorporate the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of an individual's life and expand our services from treatment to health promotion and early intervention. This integration promotes optimal social and emotional development, and our providers assume greater responsibilities for the coordination of care of our patients. At WC Health, we understand that we play a critical role in the screening and ongoing management of our patients’ overall wellness.

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WC Health provides a network of behavioral health and primary care services; a full continuum of care. 

Our Patients Are Our #1 Priority

This place literally saved my life. The staff is unbelievable

Joseph R

WC Health is Awesome! The staff is remarkable! Especially Jay and Sharlene and Lia. as well as all the others WC is the door to getting better being better and you are the key to opening that door because they have all the tools you need to achieve it and the staff really cares about your well-being! Hugs You guys.... Kind Regards!

Bernard C

Great People and staff, lots of assistance in everything to get you back on your feet.

Michael W

This place saved my life. I appreciate everything you do for the people in our community. The staff is amazing and willing to help you every step of the way. They don't give up, and they don't let you give up either. Thank you!

Tiffany R

Me and my husband are well taken care of by the whole staff at WC Health, Jessica is wonderful too

Sandra H

Grateful to have this resource in our community now! It's very helpful to have a medical clinic coordinated with mental health as they often go hand in hand. Offering preventive care to our population is the biggest way to cut down on emergency health costs and makes for a healthier society.

Janice D

I want to say that WC has been a blessing, a place where everyone is helpful and caring because I do not have words to express how grateful I am for all the support that I have received and continue to receive. All the staff is kind, supportive and the positive attitude of everyone

Esther C

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