Community Based Living Arrangement (CBLA) Housing Program

The State of Nevada licenses CBLA homes. The CBLA Housing program provides person-centered services to include training and habilitation to persons with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). The CBLA Housing program is designed and coordinated to assist clients diagnosed with SMI to maximize their independence in the community. CBLA staff are on-site 24/7 to provide supervision and training to this vulnerable population. Staff work one on one with clients to provide individualized training and support such as medication management, management of mental health symptoms, safety and security, meal planning/preparation, and other activities of daily living. All CBLA staff complete initial and ongoing training mandated by the State of Nevada to maintain CBLA licensure.

Transitional Independent Living

This program provides individuals with community housing under minimal supervision in the home. Clients in the house will share a kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and laundry room. This supportive and temporary housing is geared to assist the homeless and the mentally ill with transitioning into permanent housing and rebuilding their support network.

Medical Housing

This program was created for homeless individuals discharged from a medical facility who need additional care in an outpatient setting but do not have housing to support them during this recovery phase. Often those with medical conditions remain in a hospital setting, not based on medical necessity but instead on not having a safe discharge placement for the individual. For the homeless and displaced persons, this offers an environment more conducive to recovery and encourages independence whenever possible. Home Health Providers are welcomed into this facility so that they may treat the condition as required on an outpatient basis. Trained staff will provide “hands-on” case management support, including medication management and basic skills/activities to support daily living.

Assisted Living

This housing program was designed to give the aging population and adults who need different types of medical personalized care in a community residential setting.