WC Health offers the entire continuum of care. We strive to improve access to the resources needed to meet our clients’ needs, including prescription medications, outpatient counseling, MAT, intensive case management, housing, transportation, and many other services listed.

Crisis Stabilization

  • MCAT (Mobile Crisis Assessment Team), responding to the ER for an assessment of those in a behavioral health crisis.
  • Access to the PUF (Psychiatric Urgent Facility) for those in need of resources, respite, assessments, appointments, and placement.
  • Transportation to other services, including the PUF.

 CTC Services

  • Medical and Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Detoxification- MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)
  • Psychiatric Stabilization, including medications as needed
  • Case Management

Outpatient Services

  • Access to Crisis Stabilization Services/ PUF
  • Housing and Supportive Services
  • Medication Management
  • MAT/ LAI (Long-Acting Injectable medications)
  • Outpatient Treatment/ Therapy
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Transportation services
  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Case Management, follow-up for 30 days (after CTC discharge)