Well Care Group Becomes the Largest Behavioral Healthcare Organization in Nevada, Improving Access to Services Through their Full Continuum of Care

LAS VEGAS ( May 18,2022) – Well Care Group — Nevada’s leading behavioral healthcare organization, announced today it will change its name to WC Health as it expands its service offerings and focuses on a more comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care model.  Their partnership with Alliance Mental Health created an expanded network of clinicians which allows for a more robust and integrated service delivery system.  Patients’ needs can be met in a system with multiple touch points while maintaining the continuum of care for the individual, from start to finish.  WC Health now offers a fully integrated model reaching the person in a variety of settings from Psychiatric to Primary Care, and all points in between.  This addition of two (2) clinics and thirty-six (36) Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants has improved access to care and services for those in the urban areas of Las Vegas and Reno.

WC Health’s services enhance patient experience through high quality care and access that is second to none.  No more waitlists for behavioral services or medication refills, as was the case for many agencies over the past several years.   As a fully integrated model, WC Health can seamlessly bridge each person’s needs by connecting them with expert clinicians to receive same-day behavioral health assessments and access to the needed medications without delay.  These comprehensive services allow for better outcomes and decrease the potential for delays in accessing the right care, the first time. Additionally, through collaborations with local hospitals, WC Health ensures improved management of inpatient stays, reducing costs and improving outcomes.   

Nevada has been shown to have a higher rate of behavioral health/mental health issues in our population, and lower rates of access to behavioral health care, than other parts of the country.  The pandemic has increased the need for mental health services, according to the National Institutes of Health, as many people report increased distress, including new or worsening symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  This new collaboration forming WC Health only serves to improve the health status of Nevadans overall.

“Before this partnership, the use of patient-centric, holistic approaches to behavioral healthcare was unheard of in our state,” said Marce Casal, President & CEO of WC Health. “By combining our efforts with the Psychiatric professionals at Alliance Mental Health Specialists, we can manage the entire behavioral health service system and contribute to more successful outcomes. This is an important step for WC Health in our mission to change the narrative when it comes to access to quality and timely patient care in behavioral health services.”

Well Care Pharmacy with locations in Las Vegas and Reno, will continue to remain a WC Health affiliate. Their services play a large role in the integrated approach to patient care, and they will continue to be a key factor in the organization’s ability to offer specialized prescriptions and improved access to medications, for patients in Las Vegas and Reno.

About the Well Care Group

The Well Care Group is the largest, comprehensive healthcare organization providing the most innovative and integrated behavioral health services in Nevada, since 2007.  Its presence in the Las Vegas and Reno communities has made a large impact for those seeking services and they have become a reliable partner in the counties they serve.  Developing services from the person outward the organization expanded from origins in Pharmacy services to today, as a large multidisciplinary system of care.  Services include Primary Care, Women’s Health, Psychiatric Care, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Intensive Case Management, Pharmacy Services, Medication Assisted Treatment, Crisis Stabilization and Medical Detox Services, Psychiatric Urgent Facility, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Transitional Housing, and many other wraparound services. Well Care’s mission is to reduce the fragmentation of care and improve access to behavioral health services in the communities they serve.  Well Care has multiple facilities throughout Las Vegas and Reno and over 500 employees dedicated to improving the mental health and wellness of Nevadans with their unique holistic, patient-centered approach.